How I Got Into Development

A bit of my backstory.

My development experience started when I was 15 on different blog sites were I wanted to make sure my angsty posts had a beautiful html site.  I briefly took a C++ class that I did extremely poorly in my Freshman year of college, at that point I felt like coding was just not for me.

I started a photography business after leaving the civil engineering field.  I decided to use WordPress for my website. I bought some themes, but many of the customizations required some coding.  I found the local chapter of Girl Develop It! and decided to start taking some classes. First the basic web development where I brushed up on my HTML and CSS, then an intermediate class before moving on to the intro to JavaScript.  I learned that it was something I could do and be successful at.

Things got put on hold when I had my first child, I struggled with postpartum  depression and really didn’t have the energy or motivation to do anything for awhile.  I followed up with twins. The twins were a game changer. I struggled HARD with PPD and PPA, I was even hospitalized.  It was during that time that I made the choice to head in the direction of development and signed up for a bootcamp.

I started my afterhours .Net/C# bootcamp at Grand Circus in October of 2018 when my first was 3.5 and the twins were 5 months old.  It was 6 months of watching kids during the day and trying to get homework done in between everything. Three nights a week I didn’t see my family, didn’t help with the kids and bedtime.  My partner stepped up and really supported me during that time. I could not have made it through my bootcamp without that.

After 6 months I finished as one of the top of my Bootcamp with glowing recommendations from my Teacher and TA.  I found a job several weeks before the end of bootcamp and was so relieved going into the final project knowing I had that.

So many times in bootcamp I was so worried that maybe I was going to fall behind, that maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a developer or that I just didn’t have the ability to code. We ended up winning the final project at Demo Day which is where we presenting to employers and other people in the industry.  It was so validating to finally be able to say “hey, you rocked this” and have even an award to show for it.  

I’m sitting here over three months into my first development job and still have the moments that I don’t know what I’m doing and people are going to catch on to it.  But I am getting better and better each day.


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