That moment of “hey, I did it!”

I am almost 4 months into my first job.  Let me tell you, being a brand new developer is HARD.  Being a new developer out of a bootcamp when everyone else is out of computer science programs just makes you have a chip on your shoulder.  Do I know what I am doing? When will people figure out I’m totally unqualified. More on this in a later blog post about bootcampers and imposter syndrome.

I have a moment yesterday.  I put a code review in with limited help on my story and just felt like “hey, I might be getting this.”  It is such a good feeling to not totally feel way over your head in learning a code base in addition to entry level software dev skills.

To all the junior devs out there, it will come and when it does it will make you want to high five people around you.  You got this!

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